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Fluid Mechanics LLC provides genuine parts for high-speed, medium-speed and slow-speed diesel engines. As an integral part of Woodward L’Orange GmbH and authorized distributor of Woodward Diesel Systems, we can supply an extensive selection of fuel injection products and components.

Fluid Mechanics LLC is proud to distribute only genuine parts to its customers sourced directly from the sub-suppliers of most engine builders in Europe. The parts we distribute are as follow:

  1. Fuel injection parts from Woodward L’Orange
  2. High-pressure fuel lines
  3. Superior elastomers for special applications
  4. Cylinder head valves
  5. Piston rings
  6. Charge air coolers
  7. Rubber compensators (bellows) for fuel, oil and LT/HT water
  8. Exhaust compensators (bellows)

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