The injection fuel pump
exchange program

Fluid Mechanics LLC is the only company in this hemisphere to offer fuel injection pumps for exchange. The program consists in exchanging a set of fuel injection pumps which have been fully reconditioned at a fixed price, for the set of used pumps from customer engine.

Reconditioned fuel injection pumps supplied by Fluid Mechanics LLC are assembled using only genuine parts and are dynamically calibrated at our facilities in Avon Lake, Ohio or in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This means that the fuel pump is bolted to a specially designed test bench where engine running conditions are simulated following specific testing protocols. Fuel volumetric deliveries are measured in a beaker at a specific stroke count (injection cycles count), a specific camshaft rotational speed (RPM) and at different fuel rack positions, i.e., 15, 25 and 30 mm.

Our reconditioned fuel injection pumps are certified to carry the same Warranty Terms as a brand new fuel injection pump. Calibration certificates can be issued and delivered to the customer upon request. Our customers are welcome to witness fuel injection pumps being dynamically calibrated.

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Florida +1 954 525-1755

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