High-quality high-pressure fuel lines –
for added safety and reliability

Fluid Mechanics LLC distributes double-wall (shielded) high-pressure pipes that are required in marine, diesel power plant and land-based industrial applications driven by medium-speed engines. Double-wall high-pressure lines are required to prevent fuel oil from spraying as a result of a pitted, loose or broken first-wall high-pressure fuel line. The exterior (second) wall is meant to eliminate the possibility of leaking mist fuel oil to come in contact with high temperature surfaces found along the engine while in operation, such as exhaust manifold, indicator valves, turbochargers, etc.

Depending on the engine maker and model, high-pressure pipes come in all shapes and sizes. If your engine currently operates with a single-wall high-pressure fuel line, give us a call. We may be able to assist you in finding the double-wall (shielded) fuel pipes required to meet today’s industry standards. Bear in mind that most fuel leaks and pipe breakage are the result of ongoing internal events of wear by cavitation and abnormal engine vibration.

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