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When talking about fuel injection, we are talking about high levels of precision – where tolerances are expressed in microns (1/1,000 of a millimeter). Ever-increasing demands for cleaner emissions have led engine developers to steer their focus on after-combustion products. This has resulted in the introduction of higher volumes of supercharged combustion air, increased compression ratio and, of course, higher and consistent injection pressures. Most of this is only made possible by the reduction of operating clearances of moving parts.

The fuel injection pump is not only about injecting fuel at high pressure and at high velocity. It is also about delivering the right amount of metered fuel at any given point in time, injection cycle initiating and ending at an extraordinarily precise moment, displacing the required volume of fuel to produce the expected power, maintaining an effective residual pressure within the high pressure line between injection cycles, relieving peak pressure to avoid secondary and out-of-timing injection pulses, responding rapidly to sudden load variations, fuel cut off for emergency stops, among other relevant functions.

Fluid Mechanics LLC is the major hub in the world of parts distribution for Woodward L’Orange GmbH – a pioneer and market leader in state-of-the-art injection technology. Woodward L’Orange supports all worldwide successful manufacturers of large diesel engines and the off-highway industry segment. Woodward L’Orange’ s power of innovation, in-depth knowledge and more than 80 years of experience are at our customers’ full disposal.

Woodward L’Orange’s high-pressure injection systems allow low pollutant emissions combined with low fuel consumption and a long lifetime. These efficient injection systems are essential for environmentally friendly diesel engines with a power output of 1,000 to 40,000 kW. The high pressures inside the fuel-injection systems – up to 2,500 bar – require the finest possible production tolerances of down to 0.001mm and the utmost cleanliness throughout the production process.

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As an authorized Woodward L’Orange distributor, Fluid Mechanics LLC supplies a comprehensive range of high-quality, genuine parts. Fluid Mechanics also provides complete fuel injection pump and fuel injector rebuild and component reconditioning. All injectors are tested and all fuel pumps are calibrated and tested. Find out more in the Services section of this website.

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Woodward Diesel Systems

Woodward Diesel Systems is the result of Woodward having purchased the medium-speed diesel fuel systems from Delphi. Woodward Diesel Systems has been under constant development under the Delphi, Lucas Bryce and Bryce names. Fluid Mechanics is proud to be an authorized distributor of diesel fuel systems by Woodward Diesel Systems and to provide parts as well as service for these systems.

Woodward Diesel Systems continues the proud tradition of six decades of product innovation, dependability and quality that have led engine builders to specify these systems. Markets for Woodward Diesel Systems’ fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors are diverse and include main propulsion, auxiliary and land-based installations. These pumps and injectors are found in many applications – ranging from single-engine coasters, tugs and trawlers to multi-engine passenger vessels, tankers, off-shore drilling platforms and bulk carriers, to base load power stations.

Components that make up the fuel injection pumps and injectors are designed to provide long-lasting performance. These components include:

  • Barrels & plungers
  • Delivery valves
  • Fuel injector nozzles
  • Other key components

In 1993, SKL fuel injection systems was acquired by the Woodward Governor Company. Since 1950, when it developed its first fuel injection pump, new products have been designed and introduced on a continuous basis for ship propulsion, ship auxiliary engines and locomotives. Fuel injection systems are now supplied to engine manufacturers on an ongoing basis utilizing modern machining centers.

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