Complete overhaul services
for cylinder heads

Fluid Mechanics provides complete overhaul services including:

  • The removal and disassembly of sub-assembly components
  • Expert evaluation and qualification of individual materials adhering to manufacturer specifications
  • Non-destructive testing of head casting for faults in material
  • Thorough cleaning and decarbonizing, using advanced four-stage processing
  • Renewal of valve spindle and valve seat sealing surfaces with high-precision machine tools
  • 100% replacement of consumables and spare parts as required
  • Expert assembly following manufacturer procedures and specifications
  • Hydrostatic testing of completed assembly to ensure leak-free operation
  • Complete service reports issued for each assembly serial number

We also offer remanufacturing services for auxiliary cylinder head components including;

  • Starting air valves
  • Safety pressure relief valves
  • Rocker gear assemblies

** Certification with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Lloyd’s Register available. **

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